Telegram Launches Stories Feature for Premium Users:

Telegram, the popular messaging app known for its privacy-focused features and innovative updates, has recently rolled out an exciting new feature for its premium subscribers: Stories.

This latest addition to the platform allows users to share ephemeral photos and videos with their contacts, similar to the story features found on other social media platforms. In this article, we learn about “Telegram Launches Stories Feature for Premium Users’ in easy way.

Telegram Launches Stories Feature for Premium Users

What are stories?

Stories, initially made famous by Snapchat and subsequently embraced by platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, consist of brief posts that usually vanish after 24 hours.

They provide a way for users to share moments from their day in a more casual and spontaneous manner than traditional posts or messages.

With Telegram’s new Stories feature, premium subscribers now have the ability to create and share stories with their contacts directly within the app. Whether it’s a quick snapshot of a memorable event or a brief video clip of their day-to-day activities, users can now add a personal touch to their conversations with the tap of a button.

How to Access Stories

Accessing the Stories feature on Telegram is simple for premium subscribers. Upon opening the app, users will find a new Stories tab alongside their existing chats and channels.

From there, they can view stories shared by their contacts and create their own to share with others.

To create a story, users can simply tap on the “Add to Story” button, capture a photo or video using their device’s camera, and customize it with stickers, text, or drawings before posting. Once posted, the story will be visible to selected contacts for 24 hours before disappearing.

Benefits of Stories for Premium Users

The introduction of Stories to Telegram brings several benefits for premium subscribers. Here are some key advantages:

1: Enhanced Communication:

Stories provide a more visual and interactive way for users to communicate with their contacts, allowing them to share moments in real-time without cluttering their chat history.

2: Privacy Control:

Telegram’s commitment to user privacy extends to its Stories feature, allowing users to control who can view their stories and who cannot. This gives users peace of mind, knowing that their content is only being shared with the intended audience.

3: Premium Subscription Perks:

The addition of Stories further incentivizes users to upgrade to Telegram’s premium subscription, which offers additional features and benefits beyond the standard free version of the app.

Tips for Maximizing Your Telegram Premium Experience:


1: Explore Exclusive Features:

Take full advantage of Telegram’s premium subscription by exploring the exclusive features it offers. From advanced customization options to priority support, there are many perks available to premium users that can enhance your messaging experience.

2: Utilize Unlimited Cloud Storage:

Premium subscribers enjoy unlimited cloud storage for media and files shared on Telegram. Make use of this feature to securely store and access your photos, videos, documents, and more from any device without worrying about storage limits.

3: Discover Enhanced Privacy Settings:

With Telegram Premium, you gain access to additional privacy settings and controls. Take the time to review and customize your privacy preferences to ensure that your messages, calls, and shared content are protected according to your preferences.

4: Enjoy the Ad-Free Experience:

Say goodbye to intrusive advertisements while using Telegram Premium. Enjoy a seamless messaging experience without interruptions, allowing you to focus on staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

5: Access Telegram Stories:

Premium subscribers can create and view stories on Telegram, adding an interactive and dynamic element to their messaging experience. Share moments with your contacts through ephemeral posts that disappear after 24 hours, fostering real-time engagement and connection.

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6: Priority Support:

Benefit from priority support as a Telegram Premium user. If you encounter any issues or have questions about the app, reach out to Telegram’s support team for expedited assistance and resolution.

7: Stay Up-to-Date with New Features:

Telegram is constantly evolving, with new features and updates regularly being introduced to enhance the user experience. As a premium subscriber, you’ll be among the first to access and experience these innovations, so be sure to stay informed and take advantage of them.

8: Support Telegram’s Development:

By subscribing to Telegram Premium, you’re not only gaining access to exclusive features but also supporting the ongoing development and improvement of the platform. Your subscription helps fund the maintenance, innovation, and expansion of Telegram’s services for all users.

9: Join Premium Communities:

Connect with other Telegram Premium users by joining premium-exclusive communities and channels. Exchange tips, share experiences, and discover new ways to make the most out of your premium subscription within these dedicated spaces.

10: Upgrade for Additional Benefits

Consider upgrading to higher tiers of Telegram Premium to unlock even more features and benefits. Whether it’s increased cloud storage, additional customization options, or exclusive perks, upgrading can further enhance your Telegram experience.


In conclusion, the introduction of Stories on Telegram marks another advancement in the app’s journey as a top messaging platform.

By offering users a fresh avenue to share moments and connect, Telegram proves its commitment to innovation and meeting user demands.

With its focus on privacy, control, and user satisfaction, the Stories feature is bound to resonate with premium subscribers seeking to enrich their messaging encounters. Why not give it a shot and begin sharing your own stories today? you see how we learned “Telegram Launches Stories Feature for Premium Users’ in easy word.

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1:What is Telegram’s Stories feature?

postsTelegram’s Stories feature lets users create and share temporary post or texts that vanish after 24 hours, offering a dynamic way to share moments with contacts.

2: Who can access Telegram Stories?

Telegram Stories are available exclusively to premium subscribers of the messaging app. Premium users enjoy access to a range of additional features, including the ability to create and view stories.

3: How do I create a story on Telegram?

Premium subscribers can effortlessly create a story within the app’s Stories tab. They can capture media, add text or stickers, and share it with contacts.

4: Can I customize who sees my story on Telegram?

Certainly! Telegram enables users to control story privacy settings, initially visible only to contacts but adjustable for stricter visibility.

5: What happens to stories after 24 hours?

Like other platforms with Stories features, Telegram’s Stories disappear automatically after 24 hours. This temporary nature encourages users to share more spontaneous and authentic moments with their contacts.

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